Pre-owned Furs

Discover a world of VALUE without compromise in a Bella Furs pre-owned fur garment. We specialize in selling a large selection of previously enjoyed furs that run the gamut from nearly new, barely worn coats to vintage garments. Each garment is furrier appraised and thoroughly inspected by our Master Furriers to ensure that it will provide many years of wear ability for our discerning customer. Most of our gently worn garments sell for 85-90% off the listing price of a comparable new garment.

To assist you in this selection process, our trained and knowledgeable staff is available either by phone

877-459-8331 or email ( to give you input on the quality, condition, and sizing of any pre-owned fur coats we have listed on our website.

All garments are cleaned, conditioned, and glazed prior to purchase. We also cover existing monograms with velvet ribbon at no additional charge. Our 5 day return policy allows you sufficient time to determine if your new garment is a good fit and is a style that meets your expectation. Insurance appraisals for replacement value are available for a small additional cost as are fur storage/travel bags and fur molded hangers.

Selection, price, and service are the hallmark of Bella Furs pre-owned garments. Regardless of budget, we can make the dream of wearing a stylish and luxurious fur coat a reality. Let us help make YOUR dream come true!