Beige Petite Rabbit and Leather Jacket

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SKU: 21321
Type: Leather
Gender: Female
Size: Womens - Size 8 (Size Chart)

Category: Leather
Length Type: Jacket
Condition: N/A

Runway Ready Rizal Designer Beige Petite Rabbit and Leather Jacket w/ Stud Detail on Collar, Cuffs and Pockets

Appraised Value: US$ 4,095.00

Retail Price: US$ 4,095.00

Now Only: US$ 2,866.00

Final Sale Price: US$ 1,995.00

You Save: US$ 2,100.00

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Bella Furs

Hem Length: N/A

Bust: N/A

Hip: N/A

Sweep: N/A

Sleeve Length: N/A

Shoulder Width: N/A

Under Arm Seam (across back): N/A

Cuffs: Banded

Collar: Knotch

Closure: Buttons